Registering your YWAM Location

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It is very important to register your YWAM centre, base or operating location (op-loc) with and to keep your information up-to-date. The database managed by is use to create the Go Manual, the U of N Catalogue and feeds the and web sites. As well the information collected is used to report statistical information back to the GLT.

In order to be recognized as a separate operating location you need to meet the criteria set out by the GLT

The criteria for a new/separate location are as follows:

  1. Physically and financially separate from other YWAM locations
  2. Recognized leadership by the senior YWAM leadership over the area (ie. National, Regional, and Field)
  3. Permanent YWAM presence. Not a temporary location, organized say for an event

If your new work meets the above criteria then contact so that they can setup a profile for you work. Currently the best way to create a profile is by filling out an e-mail survey form (an on-line application may become available sometime in the future).

Filling out the YWAM International Survey form each year that comes out in the fall, is part of the responsibility that comes with being a YWAM Location, and the best way to keep your profile and Go Manual information up-to-date. The information collected each year helps create the Go Manual and update the profile information on multiple web sites including, as well as providing accurate statistical information to YWAM's Global Leadership Team (GLT) about growth and trends in YWAM. It is important that you fill out the survey each year. It is also an excellent, free way to promote your location, schools, outreaches and staff needs.