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From a recent letter from Tim Svoboda via the city ministers group.

Dear City Leaders,

I would like to introduce you to a few examples and tools for your own city ministry development. Though two of the six below are San Francisco focused you can learn from them. You can find them here:

  • March 16th, Mark Scandrette link. This is a video/audio along with teaching notes on A Spiritual Ecology of San Francisco by Mark Scandrette that was filmed at our Community night. Every city needs to have an exegesis. Mark has lived in San Francisco for a long time and we asked him to speak to us on the psychology, ideology and currents of the city. Paris, London, Perm, Tokyo, Derby, Brussels, Kolkata, Istanbul, Belo, Santiago all have deep rivers and the more you know your context the wider your ministry will become. Mark does an excellent job of communicating what is San Francisco.
  • Religious Places Map: This is the result of a 4 year study that I did of the religions of San Francisco. There are many lenses you can use to look at your own context. One of the key ones is the lens of religion. Missiologists tell us that there should be one church for every 1000 people in a city in order for it to be saturated with the gospel. As I travel to many cities across the world I am often encouraged to see how leaders are trying to understand their context by recognizing the religious nature of their cities.
  • We have posted Ray Bakke's lectures to YWAM that were delivered at the YWAM North American cities conference in Vancouver. Ray Bakke now in his 70's has been the guru for many across the world who have focused on understanding cities. His messages to YWAM in Vancouver will be instrumental for you in moving forward to engage your neighborhoods and local contexts in deeper ways. His ability to relate Scripture to the context of the city is refreshing and motivational.
  • Like us at the YWAM Cities Ministry. Upload pictures of your city. Watch the videos that are on this page of Ray Bakke, YWAM Moscow, Bangalore and other locations.
  • Subscribe to Incarnational Graffiti which is a YWAM Cities blog. Some great postings are there to help us hear what some of those in Europe are doing, thinking and reflecting on as they focus on cities.
  • An Urban book list. Visit to find a selection of books on Cities.
  • Jeff Fountain: Listen to the audio messages of Jeff Fountain at our recent North American Cities conference as he speaks on Beyond the Sacred Secular Divide: The challenge of Post-Christendom.

Tim Svoboda