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We hold different responsibilities depending on our role in YWAM. Here is a rough list of some of the responsibilities and the level that we are responsible. It is important to understand what we may be liable for to avoid negligence.

Please note these responsibilities are additive in that if we are a base leader (4) we need to understand and act on levels 1,2,3 as well as 4.

Role Responsibility
1. Staff/ Volunteer/ Student
  • Aware of the safety rules they must obey
  • Aware of the general risks
  • Know who is responsible for safety policies
  • Know who to contact in an emergency
  • Know who to report a problem, breach of rules, faulty or missing equipment to
2. Outreach team leader
  • Growing demonstration of Qualities a Team Leader should exhibit
  • Know what good outreach practice is and comply
  • Has provided education and training those under their care on risks and policies
  • Has taken preventative measure on advance of outreach (vaccinations, evaluated risks etc.)
  • Know who to contact in an emergency
3. Ministry/ Project leader
  • Has undertaken a Risk Assessment of their project and acted on it
  • Re-evaluates regularly the risks
  • Trains and educates staff/students/volunteers under their care on starting and periodically
  • Know who is responsible for general safety policies
4. Base/ Centre Director
  • Ensures all policies are up-to-date and reviewed Annually
  • Ensures all Ministry/Project leaders know how to make Risk Assessments, train staff, apply policies and address all risks promptly
  • Reviews all Risk Assessments and Policies annually
  • Before new projects start that the leaders know how to evaluate the risks, take precautions and have evaluated and acted BEFORE proceeding with the project
  • Sets aside adequate finance to fund the policies
5. National Director/leader
  • Trains Base leaders in how to discharge their responsibilities
  • Annually reviews if Base leaders are complying and re-trains or demands compliance as needed.
  • Researches new risks/law to help base leaders in their role
  • Helps raise and set aside adequate funds to comply with policies

Responsibilities at Level 4 (Centre Leader)

  1. Spiritual life at the centre: Prayer and worship as community, individually, intercession for world, prayer for base needs.
  2. Community life at the centre
  3. Work: Missions work in terms of Evangelism, Training and Mercy Ministry. In terms of work down and administration
  4. Staff: Staffing levels/recruitment and Staff Care and Development
  5. Communications (external): telling people about our work, recruiting and fund-raising
  6. Fund-raising: making sure we have adequate funds for what we do and enough to help us expand
  7. Building management: We often have multi-million campuses and building to manage well.
  8. Legal issues and responsibilities of YWAM as a legal entity to the government. (Visa's, Charity law, Education law, Health and Safety, Child protection etc.)

In general terms most YWAMers are equipped for the first levels but at 4 and beyond we need specialist skills that are not readably available in the mission. These are often the areas that cause Base and Centre leaders the greatest levels of stress. For example many Base leaders struggle to know how to recruit staff effectively and many have no idea of how to do effective building maintenance.

Although there are many people in our mission with skills building management and legal understanding they may not have the other skills that are needed.

Leadership teams help spread the load somewhat but if the skills are lower levels are missing then leadership teams will also be devoid of those skills in the same way gifted leaders will be.