Risk Assessment

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Making a Risk Assessment is not hard and makes training and rectifying problems easier.

Recipe for a Risk Assessment

  1. Make many Risk assessments: break down your centre into ministry areas, office, residential, external projects, vehicles etc.
  2. Walk around looking for items. Write them down as you go.
  3. Ask others working/living in that area for input
  4. Check for general areas of Risk
  5. List the risks and action that should be taken
  6. Record what has been done and when

General Areas of Risk

  • Stairs - the most common area of injury people experience. Increased risk when stairs are being or just mopped
  • Trip hazards - corridors must be free of obstables and flooring that could cause someone to trip
  • Blocked emergency exits
  • Fire safety issues
  • Dangerous machinery (from ladders to nail-guns)
  • Kitchens
  • chemicals - cleaning chemicals
  • Vehicles
  • Health issues - infection, blood etc.
  • Dangers dealing with challenging behaviour in evangelism and outreach to challenging people (e.g. mercy ministries)