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School of Evangelism

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There is a basic curriculum for YWAM schools. The online GO-Manual contains such a curriculum. (See the example below) It gives a description of the school and also most of the subjects to use. Those are quite fixed and well written, but how to apply them is something different. And the curriculum is also flexible enough to prepare YWAMers for the location they are targeting.

To give you an example. I am part of the School of Evangelism in Skien, Norway. This school is already running for 5 years. Even a settled school, like this one needs to work on its own curriculum. Last year we had a renewal of our vision for the school. God gave us a bigger vision for His plans. For this vision we really had to dig in. Changes had to be made in everything that the school is about.

This is a slow process though and a tough one too. But it is so good to do it! Since we have started this process we have a clearer picture for example of what we want the students to learn. It is actually a big benefit that it takes more time, because now we can also see how the students are learning. Getting feedback from them is really important for the school to improve.

The curriculum is not something you just take over from a book or website. As new schoolleaders you will first need to start with a basic set up for your own curriculum. In the years that follow you continue working on it. For example, to improve in the area of knowing Gods vision for the school or improving the teaching for both teacher and students.

Information From the GO Manual

CCM 221 - School of Evangelism

Description: This course embraces both the message and the methods of evangelism. Its primary purpose is helping the student gain a deeper understanding of the character of God as the first step towards making Him known (evangelism). Topics include: An overview of missions (biblical perspectives, historical perspectives, people group thinking, cross-cultural communication, pioneer missions, missions and the local Church);the message of the Gospel (essentials of the Gospel, apologetics, the Gospel of power); revival (history, character and conditions of revival, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, ministering in the Spirit, personal renewal, spiritual warfare); and evangelism (types of evangelism, preparation and delivery of messages, true and false conversion, evangelism to members of various religions and cults, and creative ministries.)

CCM 222 - School of Evangelism Field Assignment

Description: In order to apply the principles taught in the School of Evangelism (SOE) lecture phase, the three months of classroom time is followed by a field trip in a cross-cultural context.