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Keeping a safe in your YWAM centre can be very useful if you live are in an area prone to thefts and burglaries (i.e. most cities).

"I have experienced 4 burglaries in 15 years working in YWAM in cities. It does happen!" --Kev-The-Hasty 09:05, 6 August 2007 (BST)

Here are some basic tips to securing a safe and/or a secure filing cabinet:

  • Combination lock - always change the default setting direct from the factory - safes often have standard settings from the factory and these are rarely changed by clients. The Nobel Physicist and amateur safe cracker, X, found this useful.
  • Remember the combination! Hiding combinations inside a list of phone numbers is a good trick (e.g. combination 7564 hide inside 0032 2756402.)
  • SCREW or BOLT your safe to the floor/wall securely! Kev-The-Hasty was on a YWAM base with a safe that was not secured like this. The thieves tipped the safe over, peeled off the back - which was the weak part of the safe and should have been screwed to a wall to prevent this! - and removed the money.
  • The same follows with Tills if you use them in any part of your building (bookshop etc.) Tills should be always firmly screwed down and left OPEN and EMPTY at night. (This prevents damage to the till if a burglar was seeking to open it to discover money.)