Second Level Training

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Why should YWAM have a University - letter from the International Provost, Tom Bloomer.
Training small group leaders.
Returning Home - What to do when returning home after an extended period with YWAM.
BLS - Basic Leadership School.
School of Frontier Media - Media training for cross-cultural communication.
PCYM - Principles in Child and Youth Ministries.
School of Biblical Studies - 9 Months Intensive study of the whole Bible.
Titus Project is the outreach which can follow the SBS which include 3 weeks of teacher training.
School of Evangelism - First school of YWAM, fulfilling the M of YWAM, to bring the Gospel anywhere.
School of Frontier Missions.
Vanguard - School of Pioneering Leadership Development(SPLD).
Outreach - Best Practice - This is primarily for the DTS outreach but parts of it will be relevant to all schools.
Leading Worship.
Beijing to London - This is a site that hopes to build up a resource for our 2008 Beijing to 2012 London mobilisation project.
School of the Bible.
Bible School for the Nations.