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Writing a seminar is one of the core requirement if you're SBCW student. The paper needs to apply the method of reinterpretation practiced in the school: to find out what the worldview behind the work (book, poem, song, film etc.) is, compare it with the Christian worldview and apply the knowledge practically.


Main goal: to find out how the author views God, man and the world.

2 primary questions:

  • Cosmological question: What is the origin, nature, and destiny of the cosmos?
  • Anthropological question: What is the origin, nature, and destiny of man?

4 subsidary questions:

  • ontological question: What is reality?
  • epistemological question: How can we know?
  • axiological question: What is valuable?
  • telelogical question: What happens at the end?

It was originally developped by Martin Glenn [1]


(to come - little library of seminar papers and/or topics)


  1. Martin, Glenn R. Prevailing Worldviews of Western Society Since 1500. 1st edition. Marion, Ind: Triangle Publishing, 2006. ISBN 9781931283168

    See also [1]