Seventeen Questions to ask when lacking finances

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Seventeen Questions to ask when lacking finances

Taken from Daring to Live on the Edge by Loren Cunningham ISBN 0927545063

  1. Do I love things more than I love God?
  2. Have I missed the will of God?
  3. Am I in debt?
  4. Have I been tithing?
  5. Have I been generous?
  6. Have I been grateful for God's provision?
  7. Have I been faithful in the small things?
  8. Have I disobeyed anything God has told me?
  9. Have I asked God to supply my need?
  10. Am I more interested in having my needs met than in learning what God is trying to teach me?
  11. Is there "sin in the camp"? (Joshua 7)
  12. Am I reaping from past sins or wrong choices?
  13. Have I been working hard (versus being lazy)?
  14. Have I taken credit away from the Lord and given it to myself? (1 Chron. 29:11-12)
  15. Have I been independent and proud?
  16. Have I been looking to people rather than God to supply my needs?
  17. Am I fearful of the future?


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