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For many missionaries (in Europe particularly) where the country of origin provides a state pension that all working citizens pay into different rules apply when the missionary goes abroad to work for YWAM.

Firstly, we don't work with YWAM! As YWAM does not pay us it is not technically "employment" (even if you work hard!). Depending on where you go it may not be classed as "self-employment" either. In fact it might not be any sort of easy definition of work.

UK Citizens Working Abroad With YWAM

In some countries (EU ones) there are dual treaties that ensure state pensions are transferable from country to country to make migrational work easier. It is a confusing situation and you are advised to contact the Centre for Non-Residents, Benton Park View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ (+44 151 210 2222).

You need to sort out:

  1. Tax liabilities in the UK whilst in a foreign country
  2. National Insurance contributions
  3. Health insurance payments in country of residence

NOTE: In the UK points 2 and 3 are combined and payments combined as points 1 and 2! It is not like that elsewhere!


YWAM's Policy of Pensions for YWAMers

See Pensions for YWAMers for more info.

Paying Into State Pensions

As you may not be "employed" whilst working with YWAM whilst abroad if you wish to secure your UK pension (If you are not drawing it) you will may want to pay Class 3 Voluntary payments.

There is a form CF83 in the rear of the NI38 booklet that allows you to do that. A class 3 payment is £7.80 a week.

You can request a statement from the Centre for Non-Residents to see how much you may need to pay to "top up" a state pension.

For private pensions you should talk to a professional independent financial advisor.

Drawing State Pensions

You can draw a state pension too. Check tax office.

HM Revenue and Customs document NI38 (pdf)