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What is the Storehouse Fund?

The Storehouse Fund arose nearly two decades ago when a team of YWAMers was kidnapped in Mozambique. In the end only one young woman was held in captivity (and later released), but it was apparent from the outset that YWAM Mozambique had no way of covering the cost of required communications or legal advice, nor had any experience dealing with an armed guerilla group holding one of our workers for ransom. Even if we'd decided to pay ransom, funds were simply not available on such short notice. By that time, YWAM had also experienced the deaths of some workers in the field, with associated costs that local bases simply could not meet.

As a result, regional Storehouse Funds arose in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas to provide emergency assistance during and after catastrophic events. These field-based funds have been a great blessing over the years, administered by field directors with regional directors' input as needs arise. Field directors are responsible to take up offerings and disperse funds with the approval of regional directors.

However, the 2005 Nigeria accident clearly demonstrated that particular situations are international in scope as they impact people from a great variety of nations and reach beyond what one field-based fund alone can do. As a result, a Global Storehouse Fund is now in operation, under the oversight of Team Three (Iain Muir, John Dawson and Lynn Green). We draw from this fund as needs arise, thus the fund needs to be regularly replenished. YWAMers have demonstrated time and again their willingness to help meet the needs of our global family when very large needs arise.

The global and regional Storehouse Funds are not to be used for property enhancement, capital acquisitions or other ongoing costs associated with running a YWAM center. Rather, they are to be used in cases of emergency, particularly when one has arisen through loss of life, kidnapping or a major health threat.