Tax Efficient Giving

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Need to Write about general principles and different types. Plus ministry and personal

  • Tyler -- USA
  • Project Funding -- Canada
  • SKI and Stewardship -- UK
  • YWAM Heidebeek -- NL

Enables your supporters (if tax payers) to be able to give money and reclaim the tax back from the income given to you on the gift.

Stewardship Services

  • see
  • Conditions:
    • Donor must be a UK tax payer
    • Recipient must be a full time Christian worker form ore than 1 year
    • Recipient can be of any nationality but must have a UK bank account
    • Family can not give to you in this way
    • Higher rate tax payers can claim an extra 17% tax back.

NOTES: All money your supporters give to an organisation like Stewardship services remains the organisation's money - they can only express a wish that their gift gets to you. It is a moral obligation - there is utterly no legal obligation to pass on a gift to you...