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Team Housing

There will be several issues to think when several team members share a house.

In the UK there are many regulations which affect what they call HMOs, House of Multiple Occupation. If there are more than three different surnames of people in the house it is an HMO. It must be fire safety checked, have public liability insurance, have fire-doors, may need fire escapes, requires a minimum amount of space per person and more!

Here are a couple of links to UK Council websites for more information.

Cumbria Council

Brent Council in London

and here is a link to a useful site to download a brochure about HMOs.

HMO Guide

Caveat -- the knowledgebase does not claim to know the law in your area. You must refer to your local council.

I have it in writing from my local council that YWAM as a religious organisation is exempt from the HMO licence. Properties we use are, however, classed as a property subject to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System under the Housing Act 2004 and by the Fire Authority under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order. So the fire safety risk assessment procedure and fire assessment works would still apply in the property. Emma Wagner, YWAM Carlisle