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Using a template makes it possible to have a certain set up multiple times on many pages and makes it easier to change it without visiting all those pages again. It also is very useful to move things around, like the Main Page is build up in many templates which makes it easier to make a new set up. Some of these templates are even changing every day automatically, like the Featured Video on the Main Page. So it is very useful to get to know more about them.

Make a template

Example: Template:rename Use: Wikitext
Option 1:
In text
2 curly braces with name of new template
{{Name new template}}.
Option 2:
Web address
Put new name in for the template in the webcode name.

On page:

Wrong name
This page is wrongly named and needs to be given a better title. Click on Edit and Move to change the name of the page.

More about templates

Templates are really simple to make and really useful but it takes a while to work them out. This page is very helpful as a place to start:

A quick guide to templates