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Sometime ago a good friend of mine shared a really good book with me about how to design a good power point (I encourage you to read it if you're interested in design, it's called Presentation Zen). Since then I've had the privilege of putting together multiple power points and have had some positive feedback. Here are some tips for you if you're also putting together a presentation.

Don't make your notes your power point. If your notes are your power point all your audience will do is read your power point and not listen to you.

Instead use 6 words or less per slide (unless your using a quote or Bible scripture). Your power point should need you to deliver it.

It's ok to have unused space on your slide. This gives your power point a clean and smooth look (think Apple).

Off-centering pictures and text can make your slides look more interesting, instead of just simply centering every picture and title you make.

Use one font per slide and try to limit how many fonts you use for the whole presentation. If you use more than one font it can look messy and confusing and distract from the message you're giving.

Instead, you can use different colors or different font sizes to bring attention to one particular word. (But only do this for one word on one slide so that it brings a focus and attention to that word.)

Have a flow in your pictures. If you have a picture of a pencil have it point to the text on your slide. This gives your design a natural flow.

Remember the presentation should need you, if it doesn’t, make it a handout.

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