Tithing for YWAM locations and offices

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Following our principles of generosity most YWAM locations and centres 'tithe some of their income. However, there seem not to be too many clear guidelines on how this should be calculated.

Proposal of a Way to Calculate Tithes for National Work

  • Centres should discuss tithe and arrive at a way of expressing it as a location (sub ministries agree)

How to Calculate Your Base Tithe

  • You can tithe on profit or surplus from a school
  • You can tithe on profit or surplus from a profit making ministry
  • You can tithe on non-designated gifts
  • You can tithe on outreach surplus
  • You can not tithe on designated gifts

Sending Some Tithe to Fund YWAM Offices

Tithe should be broken into two equal parts.

  1. First part should be set aside for YWAM use up level (i.e funding regional directors office and budget etc)
  2. Second part should be set aside for YWAM location to give as it feels fit.

Other Thoughts

  • It is nice to consider putting tithe aside for bulk giving as well as regular needs
  • Consider funding the Storehouse fund
  • Consider funding another YWAM base with their needs (most giving should be external to YWAM)
  • Schools tithing could consider setting up a bursery fund for funding future students from developing nations. (Although see Biblical Basis For Financial Scale)

It is up to the location if the tithe from sub-ministries are allocated by the ministries or location. The first part of the tithe should always be passed "up-stream"

  • Remember when allocating budgets to put aside money for reserves, money for replacing vehicles and large items.
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