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Below you can find the Main Page which is as it says the Main Page of the YWAM Knowledge Base. Like a newspaper or a news website it presents what is thought of to be important for the reader. Here you can find the NEWS column, a Q&A section, How to get started and more. On top of that it is presenting a new featured video and picture every day.

The Main Page is always changing. Both manually and automatically. It is only given to the administrators to make these changes, but everyone is welcome to bring more news or give good suggestions. We are always looking for more improvement.

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Welcome to the YWAM Knowledge Base
The place for Youth With A Mission to share experience and learn from each other.
Help us to start new, edit and expand these pages. We have 1,443 articles so far.


At the moment we are experiencing some glitches on the website. We are working on it and look at how we can restore them. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope you will still enjoy visiting the website and find the information you are looking for.

- The YWAM Knowledge Base team

National Leadership - Be a National leader

NEW DTS Promo's - DTS promotion videos

Update YWAM in Germany - Three new locations in the last years

Update Internet Protection - Put up a defense against sexual content online

Update List of schools in YWAM - Get an overview through this collection

Ian Matchett
Thanks for all the amazing resources you guys have continued to facilitate for us, the kb is very very useful!

We have a plan for translation into Non-English Languages. Could you help with translation? Or if you have YWAM files in a different language share them too.

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Partners in Mission

Mercy Air has been working to bring a better connectedness with the work of YWAM in Marromeu, Mozambique.

more on communications in YWAM...

Youth Culture

Youth With A Mission, is as the name it says youthful. Which means that many of the people who are part of this movement are young, fibrant, wild, energetic, riskful and passionate for Jesus. This is awesome and scary at the same time. Can the older generations of YWAMers still catch up with the new input? That's a huge challenge, more...
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