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Many Miles From Home

Once you join YWAM you will experience this a lot. Travel. Starts with leaving home and joining your first school of team with YWAM. Than there is a lot of mission work to follow and than you will need to make many distances by car, bus, train, plane, etcetera.

It even gets worse when you start to really become a YWAMer. Of course it is a lot of fun in the beginning, but than later it can become a drag. Again at an airport! Frustration at missing a train or your YWAM car broke down in the middle of nowhere!


So here is the page where you can find traveling tips for YWAM. Anyone can share their own tips here. I just have a few and probably will get some more when I travel again.

Ride Share.jpg

Ride Share

In Germany I discovered traveling with Mitfahrgelegenheit. Mitfahr is a website on which you can find people who are travelling from one place to another and who have a freeseat to offer for anyone who wants to join. You can search on these websites by looking at your destination and the place where you want to start from. Like I traveled from Paris to Freiburg and later I went from Freiburg to Holland.

Okay this is not the cheapest way of hitchhiking. Because that's zero in costs, but it is a lot cheaper than travelling by train or bus. It is also a lot more fun! The people you travel with do expect your company, so they are very open to conversations. Which is great for every YWAMer, easy talks about the Gospel!

Another thing that you could do is to offer your own carseats. This is great when you need to go real far, you need some company and get even money to pay for the trip itself. And actually you don't have to travel that far to get response. Try it out!

Since a short time they also have started in the UK. So this website is in English. It has just started so there isn't much on there yet. But if you like to help and you live in the UK and own a car, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know people and introduce them to the Gospel.


Not only people, but also packages need a lift sometimes. Why not organize some platform for that? See Couriers.

Couch Surfing


CouchSurfing offers some interesting possibilities for cheap accommodation!


You may spend a lot of time in minibusses. Here is some Useful advice on running a minibus