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REFERENCE GUIDE PREFACE What is a "Reference Guide"? It is a source of information. This reference guide specifically provides you with accurate and current information about Youth With A Mission and the University of the Nations.It is a practical tool placed in your hand, designed to help guide and assist you in fulfilling the key role you play in our mission. It is called a "Reference Guide" because it serves as a knowledge base from which to begin, build and further develop. It serves as a guide forward to deeper understanding and application of leadership principles. And it serves as a continual reference point to facilitate alignment of all we do with the vision, values, ethos, policies and practices of Youth With A Mission's University of the Nations. The documents included in this reference guide cover a range of subject matters: from the overarching foundational values of the mission to the practical aspect of running a specific school. You will find here information about all the major principles, policies and procedures related to the University of the Nations. These policies have been established over more than two and a half decades of development. They may be copied and distributed by use for all in the University of the Nations. Our only stipulation is that the documents contained here be copied in their entirety and be used without being edited or altered in any way.

The information is accurate in that each article is an authoritative documentation of a given principle, policy or procedure of the U of N. Each document has a footer on every page in which the primary source of the document is recorded. If the document contains a corporate decision, the source is usually either a specific International Leadership Team (ILT) meeting or the current U of N catalogue. At times the source is the U of N Executive Committee (U of N Exec) or YWAM's International Council (IC), International Executive Committee (IEC), or Global Leadership Team (GLT).Some documents are teaching pieces written by respected teachers within the mission. These teachings have been considered to be formative in the U of N. In these instances the author is given as the source (e.g. Floyd McClung, Landa Cope, Tom Bloomer). A few documents have "Provost Team" as the source. These documents are a compilation of many pieces of information from the current U of N Catalogue, decisions from multiple ILT meetings, U of N Dean's meetings, and instructions from the International Provost. These documents compile a myriad of policies into one cohesive and comprehensive unit.

The information is current. This is not a record of rigid statutes cast in concrete. Rather it is a snapshot of the living, dynamic principles, policies and procedures by which we currently guide ourselves in the U of N. These policies and procedures are added to or modified along with the mission. Twice every year the International Leadership Team of the U of N meets to consider issues and make decisions relating to the effective running of the university. Once every two years the Board of Regents of the U of N meets to make other authoritative policy decisions. These decisions may result in the elimination, modification or addition of policies and procedures.

Any changes will be reflected in periodic updates to this reference guide, which will be circulated to all. When you receive an updated document please insert it in place of the old one and discard the old one. Please note two further elements found in the footer of every document that will help you maintain your reference guide as current. First, observe that each document has the date of printing. This way we not only know when the policy was originally formulated, but we can also easily identify the most current revision of that policy. Second, the page number and the total number of pages in the document are recorded. This should help to minimize questions about different editions of a document.

We also recommend that you consider giving each of your staff and students a "YWAM GO Manual" which you can obtain from YWAM Publishing, and the current "U of N Catalogue" which you can obtain from your nearest U of N International Registrar's Office. We also recommend that you direct your staff and students to the following web sites:

These additional and complementary resources will enhance your ministry in the University of the Nations.

We pray that this reference guide will benefit you as you work in the Lord's Harvest.

The Provost Team