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How to Update Your Profile or School Information on YWAM.org


For YWAM / UofN Operating location profile updates use https://update.ywam.org/

You will need your location's email address and password. If you don't know you password you can have it emailed to your primary base email that we have on file.

For UofN specific profile updates use the new on-line system at: app.uofn.edu (you will need to register at app.uofn.edu/register)

UofN on-line Form-A,B & C registration system: app.uofn.edu (in order for you schools to show up on uofn.edu they must be registered the UofN.)

All a Matter of Perspective


  • ywam.org will/should display ALL schools regardless of UofN registration status (approved Form A)
  • uofn.edu will ONLY display schools that have registered via an approved Form-A application

Security / Login Info:

There are two types of logins -- personal and Operating Location(op-loc) or base.

  • Operating Location(Base) logins will ALWAYS use the primary e-mail address as the user name and the password assigned to the base. - Base login passwords can be retrieved from the login page or at https://update.ywam.org/Forgotpw.asp you need to enter the primary base e-mail address and the password will be e-mail to this address if it matches what we have on file. If the base no longer has access to this e-mail address then they will need to contact me or one of the YWAM Survey Team to get or change the current base profile password.
  • Personal logins -- ie Location / School leaders who have signed up or been added:

Once you have logged in with your operating location account you can add individual staff accounts or school leaders accounts at update.ywam.org.

Both base and personal logins will allow you to update your ywam.org profile information as well as the schools. ministries, outeaches and staff opportunity information.

UofN System

To submit Form A,B and C registrations you will need a separate login with the app.uofn.edu system. If you have any quests about the new UofN system please contact rs@uofn.edu