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Repeat after me “Technology is my friend”. To be honest, I don’t like technology, but it can be incredibly useful for our mission to know God and make Him known. This is by no means a complete list, but rather a place for us to add apps we’ve found useful in our work. Here they are.

Apps to help you with Communication:

Facetime – Great app for connecting with friends, family and supporters. I like it much more than Skype, but the only drawback is that both people need an Apple device.

Skype – Make cheap calls all around the world. Great tool for communicating.

Voxer - A mobile walkie-talkie app. Free and easy to use. It’s a way of leaving a voice message with those who also have the app.

Facebook – Great for keeping up with others and for others to keep up with us and our work. It can be an incredible time drain though.

Instagram – Family and friends love to see pictures of our lives of our families and those we’re ministering too. This is an easy way to share those pictures.

Apps to help you Home study your kids:

Sight words – Great app for kids that uses flash cards to teach them words they should read by sight.

Beginner’s Bible – Fun app with games and helps kids learn the Bible with fun pictures.

Child’s prayer – Daily lessons to read and teach your kids with.

Splash Math – Good app for helping your kids learn math. Tell time game – A fun free app that will help your kids learn to tell time.

Khan Academy – I haven’t used this one much, but it’s free and has an incredible selection of videos for your kids to learn from.

Language apps:

Plecco – No better free Chinese/English dictionary. Incredibly useful for learning and helping conversations along.

Joshua Project Languages - Just found this app while writing this article, but it looks really good. It offers Christian resources in nearly every language in the world.

Productivity apps:

Dropbox – I haven’t used this app a lot, but you can use it to easily share documents with others.

Wunderlist – I haven’t used it a lot either, but this is a great app for making lists.

Music apps:

Pandora – I love using this app for the free radio. It’s nice in the morning to put on some worship music and just let it play.

Spotify – Great music app for free radio.

Reader apps:

Holy Bible – Awesome free app! You can download tons of versions of the Bible, make bookmarks and follow along with reading programs.

Kindle – Good app for reading ebooks that you’ve bought.

Adobe reader – Great free app for reading PDF documents on your mobile device.

Prayer apps:

Joshua Project – My kids and I love this app. Each day they profile an unreached people group and how to pray for them. I love that it exposes my kids to the larger world and the needs around the world.

These are just the ones I use. What ones do you use?

Anonymous YWAMer