What is it like to be a YWAM kid?

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What is a YWAM Kid?

Many people wonder what is meant by the terms YWAM Kid or Staff Kid.

YWAM Kids are any kids involved in YWAM through their parents. A staff kid is any kid who's parents are on staff with YWAM. They may have "grown up" in YWAM, or having joined YWAM together with their parents.

Now that we have a definition of what a YWAM kid is, lets discuss what its like.

Staff Kids

Staff kids have the interesting life of experiencing the inside of YWAM without having as much of the responsibilities as their parents. Depending on age some YWAM kids are involved in summer programs in student or semi leadership roles. During the school year many are either home schooled or experience a life outside of YWAM by attending schools and getting involved with various school related activities.

Challenges and Needs

  • Kids that grew up in YWAM will know many cultures. Especially when moving from one country to another, they may feel insecure about their own cultural identity.

Opportunity and Chances

  • Knowing many different cultures will allow them to be open-minded, especially when a person's behaviour not "normal", i.e., culturally appropriate.

Personal Comments / Testimonies

I'm not a YWAM kid, but my kids are! And I would love to share one of their stories. My family and I live in a closed country and in our particular area there are multiple unreached people groups (UPG). One in particular has a population of only 120,000 or so people. My daughter one day sat down with one of her friends who is a part of this UPG and using the local language shared about the love of the Father for 20 minutes! My wife and I were so blessed by this experience. We must remember God doesn't just call parents to the mission field, but WHOLE families. YWAM kids, too, are part of God's answer to those who haven't heard of his love.