Wrong Attitudes Regarding Raising Support

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  1. We focus on people or money as our source instead of God
  2. We count on our own efforts, not praying or asking for help
  3. We look to a "method" instead of Biblical principles
  4. We think "just getting by" is OK instead of expecting to raise 100% of our budget (poverty mentality: "missionaries are supposed to be poor"; shouldn't have any luxuries; never knowing if you'll have enough keeps you "living by faith")
  5. We think people don't like to hear about specific financial needs, so we hint at them
  6. We get more concerned about our money needs being met than caring about & building relationship with our supporters
  7. We just give a presentation listing facts and needs and forget the value of sharing our passion, dreams, and calling
  8. We consider raising support the "necessary evil" (I have to beg for money), instead of embracing it as part of our ministry

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