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This X3's Company video serie, which is made by the people of XxxChurch, can be used as a great tool for teaching when talking about sex related topics. These 12 episodes are talking about the whole spectrum, including the details of what sex is about, pornography, parents, STD's, dating and marriage.

The X3's Company are Rachel Collins artist and voluntary works with outreaches of XxxChurch, Harmony Dust ex-stripper and founder of I am a treasure, Craig Gross pornpastor and one of the founders of XxxChurch and Brey Nordtvedt who asks the questions and hosts the show.

X3's Company Ep. 1: Put a Ring on it X3's Company Ep. 2: Mouth Full
X3's Company Ep. 3: At the Movies - Part 1 X3's Company Ep. 4: At the Movies - Part 2
X3's Company Ep. 5: Down and dirty - The Basics of Sex X3's Company Ep. 6: The Talk - Parents and Sex
X3's Company Ep. 7: Me, Myself and I - Masturbation X3's Company Ep. 8: Gathered Here Today: Sex and Marriage
X3's Company Ep. 9: The Toy Box - Bedroom Play and More X3's Company Ep. 10: The Gift That Keeps On Giving STD's
X3's Company Ep. 11: The Game #Dating - Part 1 X3's Company Ep. 12: The Game #Dating - Part 2