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YWAM's Covenants

This page aims to summarise the key covenants and major affirmations of YWAM. Please also see the list of our values, statements of faith and other significant.


Christian Magna Carta - Developed by YWAM leaders, 1981.

Summary: YWAM's affirmation of the Christian Magna Carta which describes basic rights as implicit in the gospel.


Manila Covenant - August 4, 1988

Summary: The covenant's 20 affirmations declare the values, guiding principles and calling of Youth With A Mission.

  1. to make God known
  2. champion youth
  3. reach the unreached
  4. 7 spheres of society
  5. international staff
  6. proclamation
  7. mercy in evangelism
  8. giving up rights
  9. youth and women in leadership (young and old, male and female)
  10. servant leadership
  11. openness
  12. interdenominational
  13. commitment to local church
  14. intercession
  15. accountability
  16. value of the individual
  17. hospitality
  18. integrity in finances
  19. purpose statement
  20. statement of faith
  21. magna carta.


Red Sea Covenant - God Spoke to us in Egypt -- April 1992

Summary: The affirmation embracing the Jewish and Arab worlds, that birthed the 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world, the reconciliation walks and our continuing focus to reach the Muslim world.


Nanning Covenant - 30 August 2002 ­

Summary: Renewing our commitment to all nations and peoples, utilising the 4K framework, recognising the value of relationships in being responsible as elders to support and encourage those under our care, submitting to our elders for wisdom and guidance.


The Jubilee Covenant - celebrating 50 years of YWAM, 2010

Summary: A personal commitment to love God and seek to obey his will in fulfilling the great commission.