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Our Invitation

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A Dynamic Partnership

We at YWAM have received a letter from a member of your church, with an enquiry to join our staff.

We have a desire that there would be a three-way sharing of responsibility between the individual, the sending church and YWAM, in order that each of our staff members is cared for in the best possible way.

The Individual

Each individual is responsible to maintain regular contact with their sending church, and to seek counsel through their church leadership.

The Church

Whilst we are committed to the welfare of our staff, we recognise that the sending church continues to be responsible ultimately for the pastoral care of their missionary. We therefore encourage the church to keep in regular contact with them, and offer their support whenever possible. In our experience, the individual's quality of life and ministry is enhanced by a supportive sending church.


The level of care given by YWAM England encompasses:

  • oversight by the base/team leader
  • regular reviews
  • opportunities for sharing in small groups
  • a programme of in-service training
  • recourse to pastoral input from our Staff Care and Development department.

For Your Further Information

We hope that this booklet will assist your understanding of us as a missions agency. Included in it are the Best Practice Guidelines, which we hold. We also adhere to the YWAM International Values which can be found on our website, http://www.ywam.org. We welcome consultation with you, and trust that a partnership between us will develop.

Main Contact Address

National Staff Care and Development Office Youth With A Mission, Highfield Oval, HARPENDEN, Herts, AL5 4BX. ENGLAND Tel: 01592 463214. Email: staffcare@oval.com

Historical Perspective

Youth With A Mission is an international, interdenominational organisation, which was born out of a vision given to Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) in 1956, and which has been steadily growing since the organisation was formally founded in 1960.


There are 800 operating locations in about 150 nations, with over 12,000 full-time staff. More than 13,000 students train with us annually, and more than 19,000 people are involved each year in YWAM's short-term mission trips.

YWAM works through three main modes of action:

  • Evangelism: using creative ways to take the good news of Jesus to the four corners of the earth.
  • Training: equipping people to work with YWAM on the mission field or in support roles, or to return to their local church renewed.
  • Mercy Ministries: practically demonstrating the love of God to the poor and needy.

YWAM England

YWAM England is one part of this organisation. It supports around 300 overseas workers and trains about 300 students each year, as well as sending several hundred people on short-term mission trips each year.

YWAM England responds to Christ's command in Mark 16, and seeks to minister the love of Jesus in four different spheres:

  • around the world (Global)
  • in our cities and towns (Urban)
  • amongst young people (Youth)
  • in the everyday world (Marketplace).

Code of Best Practice in Recruiting, Care and Development of YWAM England Personnel

  1. Our Recruitment, Care and Development policies will always aim for best practice.
    • They are formulated through broad consultation and networking at all levels.
    • They are appropriate, effective, efficient, fair and transparent.
    • We will not respond solely to the minimum legal, professional or donor requirements.
  2. Our Recruitment, Care and Development practice adheres to and promotes the international YWAM statement of purpose and foundational values.
  3. We affirm the intrinsic value and uniqueness of each person within our organisation.
    • We recognise that each person is integral to our effectiveness and success.
  4. We honour the call of God upon each individual.
    • We recognise that this calling is integral to our corporate mission.
    • We champion the development and God-given potential of each individual.
  5. We are dedicated to being relationship-orientated in our living and working together.
    • We recruit staff into a community-centred lifestyle which encompasses more than their work function.
  6. We provide training and support structures which empower an individual in their role.
  7. We promote the creation of an environment which encourages the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of all our staff.

YWAM and Finances

YWAM is a 'Faith Ministry', and relies on God to provide for its needs. Every worker, ministry, and location is responsible for raising their own financial support. Donations come from a wide variety of sources, including churches, families and friends.

YWAM staff are classed as 'Self Employed' for tax purposes, and they are encouraged to make provision for a pension in their retirement years.

'All missionary workers with YWAM are supported through gifts from interested

individuals and churches. This makes possible a mutual participation in the

spread of the Gospel.' Friend Raising by Betty Barnett, 1991

Keeping in Touch

We have found that some accountability between the sending church and their YWAM missionary is helpful in cementing a supportive relationship. Some suggestions:

  1. By the church,
    • that the church commits to uphold and support their missionary through prayer and communication whilst he/she is involved with YWAM;
    • that a link person from the congregation is in place to publicise and distribute the missionary's newsletters;
    • that the church will give prayerful consideration to their missionary's financial needs.
  2. By the applicant,
    • that the applicant commits to consult the church regarding their future, as the Lord reveals it;
    • that the applicant will pray for their sending church regularly;
    • that the applicant agrees to maintain relationships with the congregation through their link person and through personal visits.

You might like to consider combining some of the above suggestions into a more formal agreement between yourselves and your YWAM missionary.

The Training Structure of YWAM

All our training is

  • God focused: Helping participants grow in a deeper knowledge and love of God.
  • Community centred: They will live, worship and study together with other students and staff, creating a true community of learning.
  • Life changing: They will develop in every area of life, helping to build a fruitful ministry.
  • Multigenerational: They will benefit from the richness and experience of other Multicultural and cultures and generations.
  • Ministry based: All of our courses are located in YWAM centres, running alongside day-to-day ministries.
  • Intensive and Modular: Modular courses facilitate the focus on one subject at a time over a term, and on particular aspects of a topic over a few days.


The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a foundational course which has been developed and refined over many years, and is geared to help the student to know God and to make Him known. Whether this is for six months, or for a year, this is an intensive introduction to Christian lifestyle and evangelism. Successfully completing a DTS is pre-requisite for working full-time with YWAM.

The course comprises:

  1. The Study Phase, which provides a programme that challenges the student in his or her faith, and gives a balanced and biblical view of Christian life.
    It provides opportunities for each student to hear from God and to respond to Him. The study phase lasts 12 weeks and is followed by an outreach phase of 8-12 weeks.
  2. The Outreach Phase, which provides an opportunity to work on the mission field.
    Outreach locations differ, and give opportunities to experience another culture or lifestyle, to apply the lessons learnt in the study phase, and to see God move in and through each person. It can be an amazing and fulfilling time.

Specific Foundational Training Courses

Discipleship Training School (DTS) gives training and experience in strategic evangelism and mission. The course comprises three months' lectures followed by 12 weeks' outreach.

  • Cost: £2200 - £2800, depending on outreach location.

Crossroads DTS is aimed at those aged 35 years and over. It is a time for spiritual renewal, and an opportunity to gain insights into God's purposes for the rest of one's life. Families are welcome, and children often attend local schools, joining the DTS for outreach.

  • Cost: £1200, plus outreach £1000-£1300

Operation Year is for students aged 18-25, and provides an opportunity to discover their gifts and God's call on their lives. 'Op-Year' includes evangelism to youth, schools, and individuals, plus a six-week outreach overseas. Students work alongside, and closely with, experienced YWAM staff.

  • Cost: £3000 approximately, plus outreach £400-£1000

Year for God students are based at an existing YWAM centre in a developing country. They are nurtured and trained by missionaries, and will be involved in relief and development, evangelism and church-planting. During the year abroad they will usually complete a DTS in that nation.

  • Cost: £3000-£4000 approximately

Best of Both Worlds is a 9 month DTS which currently only runs in Derby. It includes a 4.5 month lecture phase followed by a choice of two tracks. The global track takes place in an overseas country. The urban track includes 2 months outreach in a European city and then the participants return to Derby for further specific urban work experience.

  • Cost: Urban track £3600 approximately, Global track £4400-£5400 approximately

Further Training in YWAM UK

YWAM in the UK offers a number of further training courses to help people fulfil their calling and discover the abilities and gifts needed on the mission field. YWAM also encourages its staff to pursue their personal development through ongoing staff training courses such as the Portfolio Programme.


Among the further training courses are:

  • School of Frontier Missions (SOFM)
  • School of Evangelism (SOE)
  • School of Islamic Studies (SIS)
  • English and Cultural Orientation (ECO)
  • School of Biblical Studies (SBS)
  • Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS)
  • Introduction to Christian Counselling (ICC)/
  • Developing Christian Counselling (DCC)
  • Community Counselling School (CCS)
  • b2b (Be the leader God wants you 2 be)
  • Basic Leadership School (BLS)
  • School of Urban Missions
  • School of Intercession, Worship and Spiritual Warfare (SOIWSW)
  • Principles in Child and Youth Ministry (PCYM)

Details of these courses are published in the Training Brochure, a copy of which may be obtained on request from:

The Training Director
National Office
Youth With A Mission
Highfield Oval
Herts, AL5 4BX

Alternatively, details are available on our web sites at: http://www.ywam-england.com http://www.ywam.uk.com

Copyright © 2003 by Youth With A Mission, England

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