YWAM England Code of Best Practice in Staff Care and Development

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Code of Best Practice in Recruiting, Care and Development of YWAM England Personnel

  1. Our Recruitment, Care and Development policies will always aim for best practice.
    • They are formulated through broad consultation and networking at all levels.
    • They are appropriate, effective, efficient, fair and transparent.
    • We will not respond solely to the minimum legal, professional or donor requirements.
  2. Our Recruitment, Care and Development practice adheres to and promotes the international YWAM statement of purpose and foundational values.
  3. We affirm the intrinsic value and uniqueness of each person within our organisation.
    • We recognise that they are integral to our effectiveness and success.
  4. We honour the call of God upon each individual.
    • We recognise that this calling is integral to our corporate mission.
    • We champion the development and God given potential of each individual.
  5. We are dedicated to being relationship orientated in our living and working together.
    • We recruit staff into a community centred lifestyle which encompasses more than their work function.
  6. We provide training and support structures which empower an individual in their role.
  7. We promote the creation of an environment which encourages the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of all our staff.

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