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Youth With a Mission England Vehicle Driving Application Form

(To be completed by all staff and handed to your department manager together with your driving license)

We consider driving a major responsibility, not a privilege. The nature of the responsibility in being a Youth With A Mission England (YWAM) driver and guidelines are set out below. By placing your signature on this document, you are agreeing that you will endeavour to adhere to the principles and accept any consequences for falling to do so. At all times you are required to show the highest standards of safety, not only to yourself, but bearing in mind that those who travel with you are in your care.

Before you are authorised to drive any YWAM vehicle, and at any time thereafter, you must be willing to be taken for a test drive in order that your driving may be

evaluated, including your knowledge of the highway code. Authorised Driver Personal Details

Surname First Name(s)

Date of birth Job Title

Department Location

Ordinary Driving License

Driver license No Groups / Categories

Valid from Valid to

Date driving test passed

How regularly do you drive? Every day Once a week Occasional

If you are driving on a non-British licence, you must obtain a British licence within 12 months of entering the country.

Endorsements / Convictions, Including Suspensions

Date Offence Endorsement Code Fine / Penalty points (if any)

Give Details of Any Traffic Accidents During the Last Five Years

Date Brief description of accident

Driving Experience

Have you taken any form of advanced / defensive driver training? Yes / No If Yes, give details:


Are you in good health? Yes / No

Is you vision impaired? Yes / No

Have you ever received treatment for: Diabetes Yes / No

Epilepsy Yes / No

Do you suffer from any other illness/disability which could affect your driving ability Yes / No If yes, give details:

Are you willing to take a medical examination by a company doctor Yes / No

I certify that the above details are correct and that I have received and read the drivers handbook. I understand that the insurance of YWAM vehicles gives comprehensive cover. This means that in the case of an accident the Insurance Company pays for the damage of both parties involved with an excess on our vehicles. If a claim is made, I am responsible for meeting the excess of £250-£350.

If I am involved in an accident in which a YWAM vehicle is damaged, then I expect the circumstances to be discussed fully, and if the accident resulted from my negligence, then I hold myself responsible for meeting the whole or part cost of repairing the vehicle. I undertake to report all accidents to the administrator on my return or within 12 hours of their occurrence.

Signed: Date

For official use only

Driving License checked by:

Driving experience & medical checked by:

Permitted to drive: cars / vans From / / (date)


In the Event of an Accident

The lower section of this form is the only information you should give to the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Do not be persuaded to add anything else, or sign anything. At no stage admit liability.

To Be Filled in and Kept by the YWAM Driver

Name of other driver involved


Telephone number

Insurance Company

Policy Number

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Type

Company name (if applicable)

Name of witness & address

Brief description of accident including location and sketch.

Photos taken yes no _______________________ _______________________________________________

Other Driver

To be given to the other driver (please complete details)

Company name Youth With A Mission Ltd.


Telephone number

Insurance Company Norwich Union Insurance

Policy No 04MBF1205358

Vehicle registration

Vehicle type

Driver's name

In the Event of an Accident

  • Stop, if not already
  • Ensure the safe parking of the vehicle, if possible.
  • Call police if necessary
  • Notify the police if personal injury has been sustained by anyone in the accident; or if the third party did not stop or drove off before giving you personal details; and in cases of theft.
  • Exchange names and addresses. Give registration number, vehicle description and insurance details (See form attached)
  • Contact the YWAM Administrator immediately if the vehicle is in an un-roadworthy condition and collection is required.
  • Please use disposable camera in vehicle if pictures of the accident or condition of the

road would prove useful at a later date. Report the accident to the base administrator/team leader immediately, you will be asked by them to complete an accident form that is then sent to the Insurers.

What to do in an Emergency

Norwich Union policy number 04MBF1205358

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident, fire or theft, simply phone the 24 hour Clubline 0800 678999. If the vehicle is still mobile, you will be directed to the nearest Club Approved Repairer. If you need it to be collected, or if the vehicle is immobile, the repairer will collect it for you.

Glass replacement

We have comprehensive insurance and as such if your windscreen is cracked or broken, call the Clubline 0800 678999 and they will arrange for a repairer to come out to your vehicle to repair or replace the glass on the spot.

Drivers Handbook

YWAM England's (YWAM) base vehicles represent a substantial investment, in entrusting this asset to you, you have the responsibility to drive safely and look after it as if it were your own.

This handbook details YWAM's requirements on the use, running and many other aspects of vehicle operation. Please read it carefully and make sure you understand the contents fully For the purpose of this handbook, Administrator refers to the base or team person responsible for the management of YWAM vehicles.

Driving licence

Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their driving licences, both ordinary and LGV, or alternatively the combined 'vocational' licence, are current. YWAM may examine licences at any time.

Any legal proceeding that may result in either an endorsement or loss of licence must be immediately reported to the Administrator. Our insurers impose certain limitations upon drivers. Failure to notify any change of licence could mean that individual drivers are not insured.

It is your responsibility to renew the licence and it should be carried at all times. From time to time, our insurers require YWAM to conduct a check of all licences. All drivers are required to produce their licence for inspection by YWAM annually

Drivers and passengers

You are responsible for ensuring that no unauthorised person drives the vehicle whilst it is in your care. If an unauthorised person drives the car, neither the vehicle nor the driver is covered by the YWAM motor insurance. Any person driving an uninsured vehicle is liable to police prosecution, as well as for any damage caused in the event of an accident.

The following rules apply:

  • Learner drivers are never allowed to drive YWAM vehicles.
  • Roadside passengers such as hitchhikers should not be carried.
  • All persons carried in company vehicles will use the seat belts where they are fitted (both front and rear seats if applicable).
  • Passengers must not be carried for hire or reward.
  • The vehicle must only be used for normal road travel. The vehicle must not be used for racing, pace making, trials, hill climbing, sprinting or in any competition.
  • The vehicle must not be over-laden or used for a purpose for which it was not designed.
  • YWAM vehicles are provided for business use and staff must ensure that they are available for that purpose.
  • Vehicles owned by any other person, or business, should not be driven under any circumstances. If another vehicle is, for example, blocking an entry or exit, please find its owner or driver and ask them to move it out of the way

Speed Limits

Driving in excess of speed limits is not allowed. Drivers are reminded that they are liable to prosecution, which can lead to either the revocation or suspension of their licence.

Drinking and Driving

Drivers must not consume alcohol whilst driving or drive whilst affected by the consumption of alcohol.

Motor insurance certificate

The Administrator holds the Certificate of Motor Insurance for vehicles and copies are available if required.

Notification of defects

All defects Should be reported immediately to the Administrator. In the event of a defect on the vehicle becoming apparent in the course of your journey, the defect must be reported immediately on your return, unless it affects the roadworthiness/safety of your vehicle. In these circumstances you must bring your vehicle to a halt and park it as safely as possible and contact the Administrator immediately. Under no circumstances will YWAM permit or condone the use of the vehicle (or trailer) where there is any defect which might render it unroadworthy

Insurance Policy Cover

YWAM has arranged comprehensive insurance for the vehicle providing cover against loss, theft, accident damage, vandalism, passenger liability, fire and third party claims. However, the insurers may decline responsibility if:

  • The vehicle has defective tyres.
  • It is not in a roadworthy condition.
  • The insurance will be invalidated if the vehicle is driven by a person who is not authorised or not qualified to drive the vehicle.
  • The insurers will deal with all claims made by the third parties, but under no circumstances are you to admit any liability or to make any arrangements for payment to or by a third party.
  • In the event of an accident any accounts, any third party communications, notice of intended prosecution or summons arising from the accident must be passed to the National Administrator unanswered, immediately.
  • Our insurers have the sole right to conduct any correspondence with the third parties or their representatives. They will deal with any legal proceedings arising out of an accident and, if appropriate, may undertake your defence in any prosecution or represent you at any inquest. Personal belongings are not insured against loss or theft

Accident Report Procedures

To comply with the requirements of the Motor Insurance Policy it is essential that the accident report procedures described in this handbook are strictly observed in any of the following events.

  • Any accidental or malicious damage to the vehicle
  • Any actual or attempted theft of or from the vehicle
  • Fire
  • Accidents of any kind*

* Whether or not involving any third party vehicle or property including any accident where known damage is caused to the YWAM vehicle.

Action must be taken to protect you, YWAM England and our insurers following an accident, Drivers involved in road accidents must arrange to contact the National Administrator immediately and complete and return an insurance form (available from the National Administrator) promptly, If the vehicle is damaged the driver should arrange to have it removed to a Norwich Union elected repairer, but must not give authority for repairs without the permission of the Administrator.

Action, leading to the withdrawal of entitlement to drive a YWAM vehicle, will be taken against employees with bad 'own fault' accident records, If, because of the late supply or inaccurate nature of information being given of an accident, YWAM England is involved in additional costs, the employee responsible will be subject to disciplinary action.

Accident Reports

Accidents involving injury must be reported to the local police within 24 hours. All damage resulting from accidents, thefts, fire, vandalism etc. however minor, involving a YWAM vehicle or replacement must be reported to the Administrator immediately after the event,

The following action must be taken at the scene of the accident and subsequently.

Obtain names, addresses and, if possible, motor insurance details from each third party driver involved in the accident. Make a note of the make, description, e.g. van, car or bus, and registration details of every vehicle involved. If any vehicle is, or appears to be, owned by a company or business, obtain the name and address of the owner [To make this easier a pre-printed form detailing the information to record should be in the vehicle].

Give your name and address; Company name and Head Office address to all third parties, stating that the Insurance Department will provide the necessary insurance details. [To make this easier a pre-printed form detailing the information to give should be in the vehicle].

At no stage admit liability. Make no comment or statement on the accident (except to a police officer).

Notify the police if personal injury has been sustained by anyone in the accident; or if the third party did not stop or drove off before giving you personal details; and in cases of theft.

Obtain the names and addresses of as many independent witnesses as possible. Pace out (measure) the position of vehicles on the road and take pictures of the scene if possible. A disposable camera is provided in the vehicle.

Do not remove your vehicle under its own power if this could cause further damage.

The accident report form must be returned to The National Administrator no later than 7 days after the accident. (See base administrator)

No person other than The National Administrator is authorised to give you any instructions concerning insurance claims or related expenditure.

Accidents - Miscellaneous

If a third party who was involved in the accident admits liability and is willing to sign a statement to that effect, it will obviously assist our insurers to make an appropriate claim, but such a statement must be given entirely voluntarily. Do not offer a similar statement yourself to any third party.

Accidents involving lampposts, telegraph poles, bollards, manhole covers, road signs or other public property must also be reported They must also be reported to the police either at the scene of the accident or the nearest police station.

Accidents involving private fences, walls, gateposts etc, must also be reported. Whenever possible the owner or occupier of the property should be notified. If they are not available notify the accident to the police. This action applies to accidents involving any unattended third party vehicles.

Remember that if you fail to stop after an accident or fail to report to the other party or to the police you may be prosecuted. Accidents involving animals must also be reported to the police.

Please note, that after leaving the ministry of Youth With A Mission England, your name will be removed from the driving list. Should you return to work with Youth With A Mission England, permission must be sought to resume driving the vehicles.

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