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Line Leader's Guidance Notes


The appraisal is an annual event which we will all benefit from. It will be conducted through the line structure from the top down; initiative and responsibility for implementation lie with leadership. Action Plan

  • Appraisal consists of three phases, please make sure that you allow sufficient time for each:
  1. self-assessment will take each individual 1-2 weeks
  2. the review/feedback meetings require
    • 1 hour with accountability partner (will be part of the diary anyway)
    • 1-2 hours with line leader for every individual
  3. The growth plan to be finished within a week after line leader interview
  • you arrange the meetings and hand out the appropriate paperwork (self assessment paper and growth plan, co-worker feedback) well in advance

Please make sure

  • that everyone involved understands purpose and sequence of the appraisal process
  • that you are thoroughly prepared with your own notes for the review/feedback meetings
  • that the actual meetings can run without interruptions

Review/Feedback Meetings

Some people are easily intimidated when faced with a formal review. Please try to put the person you meet at ease and stress that the focus of the appraisal is growth and development. As you review the past year together please be prepared to listen carefully and give specific feedback as well as invite comments from the other person. There is a suggested interview format for leaders enclosed with this package. Please record important points you discuss and conclusions you reach.

Ideally the Growth Plan could be completed at the end of the review meeting. If however, the person needs some more time to think about it, please allow for that. It is important that every YWAM staff member takes responsibility for his/her own development; growth goals should therefore be the result of someone's own insights, and with input from the leader (not imposed!).

Follow Up

Any notes taken during the meeting that refer to the individual should be handed to the person at the conclusion of the appraisal process. The only document kept on file will be the Growth Plan. It forms the basis of next year's review and should be referred to at mutually agreed intervals to ensure that the plan is working.

You pass the co-worker feedback forms to the individual after the feedback session.

N.B. It is important to keep every commitment you have made to your staff person for assistance and support throughout the year.

Organisational issues that may have come up during the meeting should be noted and taken up at the appropriate level.

Staff Appraisal

Appraisal Guidance Notes

The yearly appraisal is a process intended to support you in your development and we hope that it will be an enriching and enjoyable experience.

The appraisal will happen in three stages:

  1. A self-assessment will enable you to evaluate the past year in the light of your call and ministry involvement,
  2. a broad review/feedback with your accountability partner(s) and from co-workers, plus focused time with your leader,
  3. personal and ministry growth plan for coming year.

The process will result in a Personal and Ministry Growth Plan for the coming year. This approach is used with everyone in YWAM.


Your leader will initiate the process by asking you to complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and setting dates for the review meetings.

Review/Feedback Phase

Review and feedback help you validate your self-assessment through the perceptions and experiences of those you work with. It will take place in two stages:

1 Please meet with your accountability partner(s) to share about your personal spiritual growth.

Discuss any issues that have come up in part I. in particular and prayerfully determine your spiritual development goals and action steps.( see attached Growth Plan)

Meeting with accountability partner: ________________________ Date: ____________

2 Your line leader will meet with you to discuss your assessment. The Self-Assessment Questionnaire is your private document, but some of the questions will be referred to by your leader. Together you will look at projected growth targets, need for further training and input, and ways in which YWAM can support you in your development.

Appraisal is meant to stimulate growth and development for everyone in YWAM. Your line leader will appreciate your feedback on his/her leadership and support. Please be prepared to give it.

Meeting with line leader: ________________________ Date: ____________

Personal and Ministry Growth Plan

That is the document you and your leader will agree on as the reference for the coming year.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Please answer the questions with as much detail as necessary (on separate sheets of paper).

Spiritual Growth

  1. Is your spiritual life on track? How are you doing with
    • time spent alone with God
    • knowledge and application of His Word
    • sharing your faith
    • fellowship with and service to other believers
    • accountability
    • identifying and growing in spiritual gifts
Think of recent encouragements in any of these areas.
  1. In which areas of Christian character have you seen measurable growth during the past year? Think of some challenges, checks and tests you have encountered.
    • love
    • holiness
    • obedience
    • integrity
    • faithfulness
    • peace
    • patience
    • self-control
    • gratitude

Vision and Present Role

  1. Do you have a clear understanding of your present role?
  2. How well do you think you fulfill the requirements of your present role?
  3. What are your main areas of gifting and how can you use them in your present role?
  4. In what ways are you growing/feeling challenged in your ministry?
  5. How do you see your ministry serve the wider body of YWAM England?
  6. How do you take responsibility for your ongoing development?
  7. What is your call/life goal? Have the past twelve months brought you closer to it? Highlight major stepping stones/stumbling blocks along the way.

Being Part of a Body

  1. Do you feel bonded to your base/team and have a clear understanding of your part in it?
  2. Do you have enough regular contact with your leader?
  3. How well do you feel valued for your contributions?
  4. How involved are you in team decisions, planning and problem solving?
  5. How are you managing those apects of your work that don't naturally fulfil you?
  6. How do you express your spiritual gifts and service in community life?
  7. Do you have sufficient financial support to meet your living expenses? If not, what are you doing to improve the situation? How could we assist you in this?
  8. Do you have friends both in and outside of YWAM that you can go to for counsel and prayer?
  9. What aspects of being part of YWAM do you find
    • fulfilling and enjoyable
    • stimulating and growth producing
    • irritating
    • difficult
  10. Do you have any concerns regarding your team/base/YWAM England you would like to share?

Personal Growth Plan

Consider for yourself

  • Which areas of my personal spiritual growth is the Lord emphasising?
  • What do I want to achieve in the coming year?
  • Who can I turn to for input and help?
  • How can my base/team support me in my ongoing development?

Formulate 2 to 3 goals in each section for the coming year. They should be SMART:

Specific (what)- not general or vague but clear and precise
Measurable (how much)- there needs to be a measure applied for assessment
Attainable- a stretch but not totally out of reach
Relevant- important to you so that you will give it time and effort
Time oriented- by when you want to see this happen

Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

Prioritised Goal Target Date Action Steps

Vision and Ministry

Prioritised Goal Target Date Action Steps

Training and Development

Required to reach goals in coming year.

Planned areas for Training and Development Method Resources Required Target Date
(coaching, self development, formal learning, courses etc.) (funding, time, and Development, personal support, materials etc.)

Signed by you: __________________ Date: __________

Signed by line leader: __________________ Date: __________

Co-Worker Feedback Questions

Often those who work alongside us have helpful insight to offer. Please comment on the following questions. Your input will complement his/her self-assessment and round off his/her interview with the line-leader.

  1. Circle eight words that describe your co-worker's relationship and style with regard to those he/she works with:
    • easily      provoked      assertive      kind      gracious      approachable
    • patient      demanding      preoccupied      persuasive      decisive      faithful
    • directive      critical      open      independent      just
    • supportive      self-controlled      relational
  2. Which godly character qualities do you see modeled that inspire you to grow?
    • _______________________________________________
  3. In which ways does your colleague's spiritual life influence his/her work and leave a mark on those working alongside?
    • _______________________________________________
  4. Working alongside this person, what other insights and encouragements would you like to offer?
    • _______________________________________________

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