YWAM Fresh Expressions Training Introduction

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Church Planting for Absolute Beginners


Put here some of the materials we are gathering for an initial training course aimed to take a YWAMer with interest in fresh expressions to being convinced that they should and can start one right where they are.

Where am I at today?

What change of thinking?

What church is not

Statistics on church decline

Strategy – backwards plans/adaption, tactics, triple,double and single feedback loops

Church planting is normal – essential/x-cultural/historic(Jeff Fountain)/biblical/what god wants us to do

What is Church?

What is culture and the GAP


What skills to YWAMers have? Hospitality, prayer, hearing God's voice, time etc.

This is what YWAM does – agreements and declarations, Floyds paper Ten Reasons Why YWAM Plants Churches, Dawn 2000, new videos of what we are doing as FX right now/ sofm syllabus/north Africa/Steves talk about what ywam has or hasn't done around europe/ paper or video?

About fresh Expressions – flavours of church plants/pathways to church/the fx journey/what a fx is and isn't

Where to get more help to do this → other churches fx, partners with fx, peer learn, msm type training

What Feeling

Confident that they could plant a church (and find a leader to plant a church)

Comfortable with the concept and idea of leading a fresh expression.

Normal around non-christians.

Questionnaires/meeting people



Be able to do

Discern what God is doing around me and know what is happening

Map out next year and start something

do research and identify needs and possibilities

Pray and strategise

Prayer time words

Kevin – speak with lauren – would this scratch where she itches?

People should be able to look and see haw an FE could be an answer where they are

Nicki prayer against fear, - of making mistakes, getting it wrong

Need to get back to being risk takers – back to our original calling

Steve – centipede – putting legs on this thing. Habakkuk 1,2

I should do this next

be able to know that a FX is the right tool and thing to do in this situation.

Steve's thinks

Church Planting for Absolute Beginners

  • By the end of this course the student will:
  • Know/Understand...
  • Feel...
  • Be able to...


  • 12 lessons?
  • Group/team
  • Content delivered by reading video, 1-2 days in March at New Teams Network.
  • Learning assignment/format. This could be written and/or practical.
  • Centred on ywamkb?


  • Similar to the Perspectives Course framework? ie Biblical, historical, cultural, strategic?
  • Evangelism-general and personal. (eg "What an I doing our going to do?)

Personal preparation

  • Examples
  • Engel's diagram
  • YWAM's view-answering any personal questions or doubts.

Learning Process

  • Individual reading
  • Small group/team discussion
  • Research including personal and local.
  • Written assignment


  • Fresh expressions
  • Kb articles