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YWAM in Australia

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in Australia? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: October 2018. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in Australia

Location Country Website Contact Facebook
YWAM Australia Australia YWAM Australia Contact YWAM Australia

Locations of YWAM in Australia

By Territory and State

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Territory/State Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Canberra Canberra Australian Capital Territory www.ywamcanberra.org info@ywamcanberra.org (0061)-(0)-2-62415500 YWAM Canberra
No YWAM yet
Jervis Bay Territory
YWAM Byron Bay Byron Bay New South Wales www.ywambyronbay.com info@ywambyronbay.com (0061)-(0)-2-6684-7531 YWAM Byron Bay
YWAM Island Breeze Sydney New South Wales www.ywamibs.org info@ywamibs.org (0061)-(0)-2-96256227 YWAM Sydney
YWAM Newcastle Newcastle New South Wales www.ywamnewcastle.com info@ywamnow.com (0061)-(0)-2-4960-0777 YWAM Newcastle
YWAM Wollongong Port Kembla New South Wales www.ywamwollongong.org info@ywamwollongong.org (0061)-(0)-2-4274-1616 YWAM Wollongong
Australian Mercy
Port Kembla New South Wales www.australianmercy.org info@arms.org.au (0061)-(0)-2-4274-1090
Sydney 318
Sydney New South Wales www.ywam318.org
ywam318@hanmail.net (0061)-(0)-2-9652-0681
Tribe to Tribe
Cardiff South New South Wales www.ywamtribe.org.au
(Not working)
info@ywamtribe.org.au (0061)-(0)-2-4957-6042
YWAM Outback Darwin Northern Territory www.ywamoutback.org.au info@ywamoutback.org.au (0061)-(0)-8-8981-2424 YWAM Outback[1]
YWAM Brisbane Mitchelton Queensland www.goywam.com info@goywam.com (0061)-(0)-7-3855-5111 YWAM Brisbane
YWAM Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Queensland www.ywamgc.com.au info@ywamgc.com.au (0061)-(0)-7-5597-0169 YWAM Gold Coast
YWAM Sunshine Coast Maroochydore Queensland www.ywamsunshinecoast.com info@ywamwaves.com (0061)-(0)-7-5479-0580 YWAM Sunshine Coast
YWAM Toowoomba Toowoomba Queensland www.ywamtoowoomba.com admissions@ywammusic.com (0061)-(0)-7-4632-8810 YWAM Toowoomba
YWAM Townsville Townsville Queensland www.ywamtownsville.org info@ywamtownsville.org (0061)-(0)-7-4771-2123 YWAM Townsville
YWAM Whitsunday Airlie Beach Queensland www.ywamwhitsunday.com info@ywamwhitsunday.com (0061)-(0)-7-49-466-466 YWAM Whitsunday
YWAM Ships
Townsville Queensland www.ywamships.org.au info@ywamships.org (0061)-(0)-7-4771-2123
YWAM Adelaide Adelaide South Australia www.ywamsa.com contact@ywamsa.org.au (0061)-(0)-8-8123-0205 YWAM Adelaide
YWAM Tasmania Sorell Tasmania www.ywamtasmania.com (Redirect to YWAM Southlands) mail@ywamtasmania.com (0061)-(0)-3-6265-2108 YWAM Tasmania
YWAM Melbourne Melbourne Victoria www.ywammelbourne.com info@ywammelbourne.com (0061)-(0)-3-9831-2400 YWAM Melbourne
YWAM Perth Perth Western Australia www.ywamperth.org.au info@ywamperth.org.au (0061)-(0)-8-9328-5321 YWAM Perth
Sources, notes and/or references
  1. Facebook page closed. Checked October 2018.