YWAM in Brazil: Worldcup 2014 and the Olympics

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YWAM in Brazil

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Worldcup 2014 and the Olympics 2016

There are two big sports events happening in the coming years. A lot of focus is already on the preperations for these two events and more will come when they are taking place. Brazil is in the picture and we will know it. So what about having your team involved? Check out the websites below to find out more about the events and look up the locations where you would like to go. Get in contact with the closest YWAM bases in those areas. All contact information can be found here: Contacts YWAM in Brazil.

The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

www.jesus4allmovement.org - YWAM website for the Olympic outreach in Rio. Facebook
www.rio2016.com - Official website of the Olympic games.
The soccer worldcup 2014 in Brazil:
www.ywamkickoff2014.com. The official YWAM website about the Worldcup. Go check it out! It is awesome!
Promo Jesus4all Movement
Olympic outreach in Rio
Get ready for the Olympic Games of 2016!
The Worldcup 2014 and child prostitution