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YWAM in Germany

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in the Germany? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: September 2017. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in Germany

Location Country Website Contact
YWAM Germany Germany www.jmem.de office@jmem.de

Locations of YWAM in Germany

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area State Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Altensteig Altensteig Baden-Württemberg www.altensteig.jmem.de altensteig@ywam.de (0049)-(0)-7453-91134 YWAM Altensteig
YWAM Berlin Berlin Berlin www.ywamberlin.org info@ywamberlin.org (0049)-(0)-30-554-939-55 YWAM Berlin
YWAM Berlin (Group)
YWAM Bad Blankenburg Bad Blankenburg Thuringia www.ywambb.com info@ywambb.com (0049)-(0)-36741-599-8820 YWAM Bad Blankenburg
YWAM Cologne Cologne North Rhine-Westphalia www.jmem-koeln.de info@jmem-koeln.de (0049)-(0)-2204-2603070 YWAM Cologne
YWAM Erfurt Erfurt Thuringia www.ywamrc.com erfurt@jmem.de (0049)-(0)-361-6443-6588
YWAM Frankfurt Frankfurt Hesse www.jmem-frankfurt.de frankfurt@ywam.de YWAM Frankfurt
YWAM Freiburg Freiburg Baden-Württemberg www.ywamfreiburg.com freiburg@ywam.de (0049)-(0)-761-61258832 YWAM Freiburg
YWAM Hainichen Hainichen Saxony www.jmem-hainichen.de info@jmem-hc.de (0049)-(0)-37207-5690-21 YWAM Hainichen
YWAM Herrnhut Herrnhut Saxony mission-live.com info@bfwm.de (0049)-(0)-35873-36166 YWAM Herrnhut
YWAM Hurlach Hurlach Bavaria www.ywam-hurlach.de info@ywam-hurlach.de (0049)-(0)-8248-1220 YWAM Hurlach
YWAM Nuremberg Nuremberg Bavaria www.ywamnuremberg.com info@ywamnuremberg.com YWAM Nuremberg
YWAM Saterland Saterland Lower Saxony www.ywam-saterland.de info@ywam-saterland.de (0049)-(0)-4498-922-324 YWAM Saterland