YWAM in Madagascar: Locations and contacts

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YWAM in Madagascar

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in Madagascar? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: March 2015. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in Madagascar

Location Country Website Contact Phone
YWAM Madagascar Madagascar www.ywam-madagascar.weebly.com On website (00261)-(0)-20-24-11498

Locations of YWAM in Madagascar

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Province/Region Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Antananarivo
All Nations Mission Center
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province www.ywamadaifr.wordpress.com
All Nations Mission Center
ifr.ywamada@gmail.com (00261)-(0)-20-24-32722 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Antananarivo
Balm of Soul
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province www.balm-soul.com chafara@moov.mg (00261)-(0)-20-24-32947 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Antananarivo
Campus Ministry
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province Campus Ministry ywam.mada.cm@gmail.com (00261)-(0)-32-40-36230 Campus Ministry
YWAM Antananarivo
Hur & Aaron Mission
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province No website victor_raza@moov.mg (00261)-(0)-32-40-36230 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Antananarivo
Kings Kids
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province www.kingskidsmadagascar.com kingskidsmg@gmail.com (00261)-(0)-20-24-30760 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Antananarivo
Palace of Worship
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province Palace of Worship miangola.ran@gmail.com (00261)-(0)-34-80-78996 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Antananarivo
House Of The Nations
Antananarivo Antananarivo Province House of the Nations houseofthenations@yahoo.fr (00261)-(0)-3312-90303 YWAM Antananarivo
YWAM Tamatave Tamatave Atsinanana Shalom Toamasina jem.tamatave@moov.mg (00261)-(0)-324-143058 YWAM Toamasina group
YWAM Toamasina Toamasina Atsinanana Shalom Toamasina filsvictorieux@yahoo.fr (00261)-(0)-32-4282536 YWAM Toamasina group