YWAM in South Africa: Locations and contacts

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YWAM in South Africa

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in South Africa? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: February 2016. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in South Africa

Location Country Website Contact
YWAM South Africa South Africa YWAM South Africa Contact on Website (Including other Southern African nations)

Locations of YWAM in South Africa

By Provinces

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Province Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM JBay Jeffreys Bay Eastern Cape www.ywamjbay.org Through website YWAM Jeffrey's Bay
YWAM Bethlehem Bethlehem Free State www.ywambethlehem.org mgodoy@xsinet.co.za (0027)-(0)-58-303-0326 YWAM Bethlehem
YWAM Hammanskraal Hammanskraal Gauteng Not yet ywam.north@pixie.co.za (0027)-(0)-12-711-0132
YWAM Pretoria Pretoria Gauteng www.ywampretoria.com
(Not working properly)
ywampretoria@gmail.com (0027)-(0)-82-676-2729 YWAM Pretoria
Joseph Project
Johannesburg Gauteng www.josephproject.org.za admin@josephproject.org.za (0027)-(0)-11-614-4901 Joseph Project
YWAM Drakensberg Winterton KwaZulu-Natal www.theberg.org.za ywam@theberg.org.za (0027)-(0)-36-488-1568 YWAM Drakensberg
YWAM Durban Kloof KwaZulu-Natal www.ywamdurban.org admin@ywamdurban.org (0027)-(0)-31-767-5150 YWAM Durban
King's Kids South Africa
Durban KwaZulu-Natal www.kingskids.co.za info@kingskids.co.za (0027)-(0)-72-456-1371 King's Kids South Africa
No centre yet
YWAM Kruger Park White River Mpumalanga www.tenthousandhomes.org info@tenthousandhomes.org (0027)-(0)-79-887-6639
YWAM Great KOSH Klerksdorp North West www.ywam.wmission.net
ywamsa@yahoo.co.kr (0027)-(0)-18-468-3333
YWAM Rustenburg Rustenburg North West www.ywamrustenburg.org
(Not working)
info@ywamrustenburg.org (0027)-(0)-72-901-9381
No centre yet
Northern Cape
YWAM Mossel Bay Mossel Bay Westeren Cape www.ywammosselbay.com ywammosselbay@outlook.com (0027)-(0)-44-693-0595 YWAM Mosselbay
YWAM Muizenberg Muizenberg Western Cape www.ywammuizenberg.org registrar@ywammuizenberg.org (0027)-(0)-21-788-7322 YWAM Muizenberg
YWAM Worcester Worcester Western Cape www.ywamworcester.com info@ywamworcester.com (0027)-(0)-23-347-7040 YWAM Worcester
Media Village
Cape Town Western Cape www.mediavillage.info info@mediavillage.info (0027)-(0)-21-975-7800 Media Village