YWAM in South Korea: Locations and contacts

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YWAM in South Korea

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Looking for information about a specific location of YWAM in the South Korea? This is the information we found on the internet. Last updated: March 2015. Check for more on ywam.org.

General information about YWAM in South Korea

Location Country Website Contact Phone
YWAM in South Korea South Korea www.ywamkorea.org (Mostly Korean) ywamkorea.no@gmail.com (0082)-(0)-2-3142-0907

Locations of YWAM in South Korea

Base/Centre/Ministry City/Area Province/Region Website E-mail Phone Facebook
YWAM Busan Busan Yeongnam www.ywambusan.net (Not working) psoffi@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-70-7585-8377 YWAM Busan
YWAM Changwon Changwon South Gyeongsang No website ywamcw@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-55-292-1177 YWAM Changwon
YWAM Cheonan Asan Cheonan South Chungcheong www.ywamca.com (Not working) ywamca@gmail.com (0082)-(0)-41-554-1098 YWAM Cheonan Asan
YWAM Cheong Ju Cheongju Province North Chungcheong www.ywamcj.org office@ywamcj.org (0082)-(0)-43-231-7616
YWAM Chuncheon Chuncheon Gangwon No website ywamcc@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-33-252-1128 YWAM Chuncheon
YWAM Daegu Daegu North Gyeongsang www.ywamdaegu.org (Not working) dgoffi@naver.com (0082)-(0)-53-422-5375 YWAM Daegu
YWAM Daejeon Daejeon South Chungcheong www.ywamdj.co.kr (Not working) ywamdj@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-42-636-9808 YWAM Daejeon
YWAM Gwangju Gwangju South Jeolla www.gjywam.tistory.com (Korean) ywamkj@naver.com (0082)-(0)-62-364-6585 YWAM Gwangju
YWAM Hongcheon Hongcheon Gwandong www.hcdts.org (Not working) hongcheondts@yahoo.co.kr (Not working) (0082)-(0)-33-432-5961 YWAM Hongcheon
YWAM Incheon Incheon Seoul Capital Area www.club.cyworld.com/icw ywamic@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-32-362-2295 YWAM Incheon
UofN Jeju Jeju Jeju Province www.uofnjeju.org (Korean) uofnjeju@gmail.com (0082)-(0)-64-780-2500 UofN Jeju
YWAM Jeonbuk Jeonju North Jeolla www.ywamjb.org (Korean) ywamstar@yahoo.com (Not working) (0082)-(0)-63-286-3927 YWAM Jeonbuk
YWAM Mokpo Mokpo South Jeolla www.cyworld.com/mpywam (Korean) No E-mail (0082)-(0)-70-4045-5960 YWAM Mokpo
YWAM Pohang Pohang North Gyeongsang www.ywamph.org (Not working) phoffice@hanmail.net (Not working) (0082)-(0)-70-7596-7949 YWAM Pohang
YWAM Seoul Seoul Seoul Capital Area www.ywamseoul.org (Korean) ywamse@hanmail.net (0082)-(0)-2-871-7351 YWAM Seoul
YWAM Suwon Suwon Gyeonggi www.ywamsuwon.tistory.com (Korean) ywamsuwon@gmail.com (0082)-(0)-31-295-2021 YWAM Suwon
YWAM Ulsan Ulsan Yeongnam www.club.cyworld.com/ywamulsan (Korean) ywamulsan@hanmail.net (Not working) (0082)-(0)-70-7596-7944 YWAM Ulsan
YWAM Wonju Wonju Gangwon No website ywamwonju@gmail.com (0082)-(0)-70-8279-3251 YWAM Wonju