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TRANSLATIONS - Cymraeg (cy)

YWAM in Wales

Welcome to the mainpage about YWAM in Wales. On this page we would like to share about anything we have about this country. Anyone can share his or her experience here about visiting this location. Or if you are born here you can write anything that might be important for a foreigner to know, before they even come to the country.

Wales in known for it beautiful hills and castles. The Prince of Wales, of course (To not offend anyone in Wales: this is just an official title. The people of Wales would not acknowledge him as the prince of their nation. The last Prince was Owain Glyndwr and the last King was Llywelyn! Just that you know). And its own language: Welsh.

To connect with YWAM Wales and check out the locations check out their national website:

YWAM Wales - www.ywamwales.org - YWAM Wales on Facebook


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YWAM in Wales